Riverside Studios

Our Story

Riverside Studios (501c3) is a film studio and film production training center located in Riverside California. Born out of the lack of opportunities for filmmakers and content creators in the Inland Empire and the prohibitive cost of independent filmmaking in Los Angeles, Riverside Studios was designed to give local creatives a space to create, learn the craft of storytelling and cinematography and provide practical experience working on real projects, their own or through collaboration with LA based independent filmmakers that need an affordable film location outside of Hollywood’s 30 mile zone to shoot their projects. Riverside Studios is also home to 12 resident companies, all Inland Empire based who are working in the arts and entertainment industry and are available for hire or training. In addition, Riverside Studios is a premier entertainment space providing live events and immersive experiences. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the Inland Empire into a hub for creative storytellers and to provide the necessary training and exposure (on-set) to local filmmakers to prepare them for careers in the film industry while giving them the tools to tell their own stories in their own way and profit from them. We serve and welcome filmmakers of all backgrounds, with an emphasis on creators from underrepresented communities. 

Our Residents

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Film Location Booking

Riverside Studios has approximately 49,000 square feet of shooting space available. Featuring two sides: Soundstage A – Shelter side, the site of the former Riverside County Animal Hospital & Soundstage B, an open warehouse space.

Content Creation

Riverside Studios Creative Group is a content creation and consulting firm specializing in digital strategy execution, content creation, and social media management services. Take the guesswork out of storytelling and hire us.

Film Production Training

Our Mission is simple: Provide a space and practical on set experience for local filmmakers to practice the craft of filmmaking and digital media. We will do this by providing workshops, masterclasses and on-set training at Riverside Studios.

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