Fox FX Lab: The First In-Residence Company

Eric Fox of Fox Effects Lab, is an independent special effects makeup artist based out of Riverside, California. Makeup is only a small part of what he does there. Eric also creates puppets, creatures, props, animatronics, and many other things. He has been in the industry for over 25 years. His interest first sparked when […]

The Story of Acoustic Haven

Acoustic Haven is a showcase for up and coming musicians to grow from. They record at Riverside Studios in Riverside, CA. They create high quality video and audio recordings for early stage developing musicians. In early stages of musicians careers, they need high quality video and audio to present to potential venues and labels for […]

The Origin Story of Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios, located near Downtown Riverside, allows businesses to rent out space and provides a large area for film production. It began with the intent to create a hub in the Inland Empire for film production. Rickerby Hinds, the founder of Riverside Studios, felt that he should create more opportunities within this space. “We live […]