Building New Perspectives Through Open Conversations

Founders of The Brew platform
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The Brew is a place to promote and have open conversations with people who are leading the charge in their field of work. It is a media platform that discusses a wide range of topics such as business, technology, entrepreneurship, entertainment, education and much more. It is a place for open and fun conversations in the lens of younger generations. 

It was started by Valtteri Salomaki and Nikhil Mehrotra around the time that they were starting their business Free Logic Inc., with the intent of creating a source for thought leadership. Val had been inspired by his conversations with strangers while traveling around the world over a beer or coffee. He wanted to continue those unique discussions that challenged and guided him so he pitched it to Nikhil. They always found themselves mentoring younger students and sharing their thoughts on professional platforms about what they were interested in or wanted to learn more about, so Nikhil agreed they should do it. 


Founders of The Brew platform


The original show was called The Buzz, where Val would talk about insightful things casually over a flight of beer. Eventually, it grew into what it is today, The Brew. They wanted it to be a more free and official setting without alcohol. 

They reached out to Nick Saldivar to produce and film the podcast. As time went on another member Luis Macedo was added and now he helps Val host the show. Val is the lead host that brings the main view while Luis brings in unwavering ideologies that make for interesting dialogue. They have guests on many of their episodes and discuss different topics every week. “I love everything about it, the openness of it, nothing is too off limits. We can discuss every topic within reason,” says Luis.

It is also a place where failure is recognized and shared as a vital stepping stone to growth. “The failure stories are my favorite part because failure is a special thing for me. Failure is a catalyst to growth and I’m happy we created a platform that allows other peoples stories to be heard and used to motivate others,” says Nikhil. 

The show airs every Saturday on Twitch at 12pm pacific time and they are continuing to grow the platform. Nick is currently working on a way to make midweek shows in order to produce more content for their Twitch followers. To him, the best part of the show is all of the moving parts that goes into creating it. “Problem solving challenges to make it work and having a nice output of a show is really rewarding.” 


The Brew studio where podcast is filmed


Aside from the failure stories, the show has another category for discussions that create a fun and inviting atmosphere called over or underrated. Here the hosts and guests rate a large range of hot topics and share their opinions of it being overrated or underrated. It is designed to give the show lively and spontaneous discussions to inspire the audience. 

Watch a snippet of the podcast here.

Within the online platform there is a section called Ristretto. It is a place for personal and professional development and learning, a resource for quick mental health with resources and tips that are easy to digest. It was made with the purpose of spreading wellness and motivation. 

The platform aims to challenge traditional ways of thought and at the same time produce a supportive community to help others navigate their lives.

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