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About Rich Bella

Rich Bella is an American Cinematographer with a passion for capturing the moments that create great films. Rich has grown rapidly within the industry over the past 10 years, having shot as a cinematographer, over 10 short films and 5 feature length films. Including “Bad President”, which made it to Cannes 2020. Additionally, he has to his credit shooting commercially for international name brands and independent musical artist.

Beginning his journey in his mid 30’s, Rich brings his worldly experiences from living in Europe and Asia as a young person to create texture which deepens the projects he works on. A best selling co-author in the motivational world, an award winning poet and a collegiate athlete he is determined and strives for excellence in all that he does. Rich believes in hard work and precision focus will bring success. Rich is a husband and a father of five children ranging in ages from 4 to 25. They are his most important life lessons and the reason he is driven toward success as “Life is the biggest experience that we creatively draw from.”
Rich Bella’s directorial inspirations are Kubrick, Scorsese, César Charlone, Gaspar Noé and others on an ever-expanding list.

His favorite cinematography film is “The Grandmaster” in how DP Philippe Le Sourd executes each shot as individual frames of beauty. Rich Bella’s work “Like Blood” is one of his most favorite films that he has worked on as each scene was shot with intense passion from the direction, the lens, and the action.


Design the motion picture of your project through detailing the mood with lighting, composition and movement.

Camera Operator

A professional operator of a film camera or video camera as part of a film crew.


Assembling shots into a coherent sequence with the integrity of the original vision.


Guide a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects and visualizes the screenplay (or script) while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision.